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Knowing what to do in the event of an emergency is very important. When I started my new job, I was sent away to a first aid training course. I really enjoyed the course and I learnt how to give CPR, how to place someone in the recovery position and how to deal with bleeding wounds and broken bones. I didn't realise how important the training was until one of my workmates had an accident at work. I gave him first aid and called in the emergency services. I have now decided to start a blog so I can encourage others to learn about first aid and emergency care.


3 Teachers in Your School Who Need to Be First Aid Qualified

3 January 2018
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If you're looking to enhance the calibre of your school faculty, one of the best professional development courses you can send teachers on is a first aid training session. First aid knowledge helps keep students safe and reduces the likelihood of serious incidents that result in legal action. Here are the 3 types of teachers in your school who'll benefit most from first aid training.  Science Teachers Unsurprisingly, science is one of the most hazardous classes in any school. Read More …